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Hélder works in horticulture, so when it was time to plan the arrangements for his wedding to Mark, I was in plant nerd heaven. 

The flowers for their Ripples Chowder Bay wedding embraced all the striking and strange tropical and native plants that we could get our hands on: ginger plants, Venus proteas, fig branches, berzelia, ferns, kangaroo paws, numerous types of orchids – it was a plant lover's dream.

Inspired by botanical specimens, guest tables were decorated with bottles showcasing a wild variety of flowers. 

Mark and Hélder married in front of a large statement arrangement that incorporated several varieties of proteas and orchids, and even tropical fruit. Later, this arrangement went nautical, and was repurposed as decoration on the couple's wedding after party cruise. 


This wedding was featured on Polkadot Groom.

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