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Welcome to Petal & Fern.


Flowers can be inspiring. Even after years working as a florist, I am still amazed by how flowers can transform an event space into something truly special. There is nothing I love better than taking a step back when the last arrangement is in place and seeing your vision come to life.


Making an event beautiful is all about the little details, so I strive to make every arrangement perfect, from the smallest posy to the largest hanging installation. My style is vibrant, full and expressive and my arrangements are defined by their abundance and form. I often draw on influences from the world of art (I adore still lifes from the Dutch Golden Age), fashion and interior design, and I love collaborating with my amazing clients to create arrangements uniquely suited to their event or celebration. I love using accents and unexpected details, like dried plants and thistles, and working with my clients to find the perfect combination of flowers and foliage, tones and textures, to create something unique and memorable.


Floristry is a way of working with and getting closer to nature. Whether it’s the subtlety and beauty of a delicate bouquet or the scale and drama of jaw-dropping installation, using flowers and plants to create gorgeous and original designs is what my work is all about. I am inspired by the changing seasons and there is always something new, surprising and beautiful to use in my work. In planning your event, I hope to share this inspiration with you.


I am one of those people who is happiest when they’re busy, so when I am not running wild in the studio, you will probably find me experimenting with a new craft project or getting inspired by unusual things I have found in an antique shop.


I am based in the heart of colourful Potts Point, but love exploring new sites and venues and will happily bring the blooms to events in the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, South Coast and Hunter Valley.


If it is flowers you are after, I can not wait to meet you and help make your event one to remember.


Kat Crossley

Petal & Fern


Picture by the fantastic Gui Jorge.

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